Gpondoctor AutoFinderAudit all FTTH termination-OLT port pairings

Forget about the NIGHTMARE of Troubleshooting FTTH deployments where customers are not connected to their assigned OLT ports and bring your OPEX under control.

With GPONDoctor Autofinder you can know EXACTLY which OLT / Slot / port each fiber is connected to. EASY TO USE, simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wifi or cable to the Autofinder. FAST, you will get in seconds all the details of your FTTH connection.

And all at a price that will surely put a smile on your face.


Fiber optic networks continues to multiply exponentially and in several regions 1 every two homes already has an FTTH connection.

Currently, there are several hundreds of millions connections within the “Access Network” that link the customer to its correspondent port at the Telecom Operator Headend.

Most of the times, Telecom Operators rely on contractors to deploy their fiber connections to the home. And though everything is supposely well planned and executed, it is not rare to see customers not connected to the right port. But even if the customer is connected to a different port, it will be registered and services will be provisioned as if it were in the right position.

But once a problem happens — it will take ages to locate where this customer is located and troubleshoot it accordingly. This could be affordable for one user but as there will be many, the situation becomes a REAL NIGHTMARE. The OPEX skyrockets and the CHURN grows.

Telco’s needs urgently to improve the Quality of their deployments. Until now they have only focused on the validation of the physical infrastructure by using power meters, OTDRs and the like, but………THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.

GPONDoctor AUTOFINDER is the answer to the common claim from installers: an AFFORDABLE Test tool that provides them in Real Time all the information needed to know to which OLT/Board/Port they are connected to. FAST and EASY to use. Just get PON port they are connected to (PON ID, Class, OLT power level, RE power), no more and no less.

And forget about complex Handhelds, use your SMART PHONE, TABLET or LAPTOP and get the data from the AUTOFINDER directly (through WIFI or USB-C).

GPON Doctor Autofinder your Professional Test tool for FTTH network Auditing and forget about CROSS CONNECTIONS

PON position independent

GPONDoctor Autofinder can be connected before or after the PON splitters. Only requirement is to be within the saturation and sensibility levels of Class B+ optics.

Real time GPON Auditing

Once the PONID presence is seen, GPONDoctor Autofinder turns ON a LED so that the installer realizes that a correct measurement has been taken. When the fiber is disconnected, the LED is automatically turned OFF getting ready for the next test.

PON Identifier Decoding

Each Telecom Operator might have its own way to interpret the PON ID. GPONDoctor Autofinder is ready to introduce the coding methodology of every Telco in order to decode it properly so that the installer gets the real meaning and not just a number.  

Free access to our product related documentation: product brochures, datasheets, quick start guides and more. Please contact our customers service with questions.


Free access to our product related documentation: product brochures, datasheets, quick start guides and more. Please contact our customers service with questions.

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