Bandwidth Consumption Online Training Course

This course is designed to give participants hands-on knowledge about the Fundamentals of FTTx GPON Technology. Throughout the course, participants will learn the most interesting topics about  Fiber to the Home Networks and bandwidth delivery. We will focus on how all the GPON elements communicate, including traffic management and QoS, together with the associated technical terms used for field installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Course Level

Introductory to intermediate. Beginners to experienced telecom engineers will find the on-line training beneficial.

Course Length

Two hours on-line classroom lecture including a combination of video-tutorials and quizzes.

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For those students passing the final exam a certificate issued by GPONDoctor can be obtained at a price of 19 Euros.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: The first 20 to complete the online training course will obtain the certificate of accomplishment for FREE.


Here is the agenda in case you are interested in details of the course

Course Agenda

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